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Holy hotness. Mercy blinked and kind of automatically—and awkwardly—rose out of her chair. Her office was small and stuffed with stuff, and in the few seconds it took Ever, Zane, Quill, and this new guy to sort themselves out, Mercy openly gawked at him. His clothes were ordinary enough—black leather pants, black t-shirt, long black, leather trenchcoat—but everything was just a little… tight. Or perhaps extremely well-tailored. Something about the way all that light-absorbing fabric hung from his broad shoulders and narrowed to his trim waist and flowed around his clearly muscular chest just spoke manliness to her in a freaking primal way. The others were shuffling into the room, but he seemed to just glide into place, standing at the end of the bookshelf by the window and her box of stolen treasure. And his face… he had a dark shadow of whiskers just shy of rugged, and his long-fingered hand brushed back the sexy mop of dark hair that had fallen across his eyes. His eyes. Deep brown and intense and…

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