Dot Com Wolves

(Formerly Shifters in Seattle)

Claiming Mia (Book 1)
Saving Arianna (Book 2)
A Christmas Wish (Book 3)

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River Pack Wolves

Jaxson (Book 1)
Jace (Book 2)
Jared (Book 3)

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Wilding Pack Wolves

Wild Game (Book 1)
Wild Love (Book 2)
Wild Heat (Book3)
Wild One (Book 4)
Wild Fire (Book 5)
Wild Magic (Book 6)

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The Fallen Immortal Series

Lucian and Arabella
Kiss of a Dragon (Book 1)
Heart of a Dragon (Book 2)
Fire of a Dragon (Book 3)

Leonidas and Rosalyn
Chosen by a Dragon (Book 4)
Seduced by a Dragon (Book 5)
Touched by a Dragon (Book 6)

Leksander and Erelah
Loved by a Dragon (Book 7)
Marked by a Dragon (Book 8)
Claimed by a Dragon (Book 9)

Of Bards and Witches (Book 10): Leonidas’s Story

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The Fallen Angels Series

Tajael (Book 1)
Oriel (Book 2)
Asa (Book 3)
Razael (Book 4)
Micah (Book 5)
Tempted (Book 6): Tajael’s Story
Kiss of an Angel (Book 7): Cassiel’s Story

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