Dot Com Wolves

Claiming Mia (Book 1)
Saving Arianna (Book 2)
A Christmas Wish (Book 3)

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Riverwise Private Security

Jaxson (Book 1)
Jace (Book 2)
Jared (Book 3)

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Wilding Pack Wolves

Wild Game (Book 1)
Wild Love (Book 2)
Wild Heat (Book 3)
Wild One (Book 4)
Wild Fire (Book 5)
Wild Magic (Book 6)

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Fallen Immortals

Lucian and Arabella
Kiss of a Dragon (Book 1)
Heart of a Dragon (Book 2)
Fire of a Dragon (Book 3)

Leonidas and Rosalyn
Chosen by a Dragon (Book 4)
Seduced by a Dragon (Book 5)
Touched by a Dragon (Book 6)

Leksander and Erelah
Loved by a Dragon (Book 7)
Marked by a Dragon (Book 8)
Claimed by a Dragon (Book 9)

Of Bards and Witches (Book 10): Leonidas’s Story

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Fallen Angels

A Deadly Sin (Book 1)
Guardian of Light (Book 2)
The Sin of Wrath (Book 3)
Seraphim (Book 4)
Prince of Shadow (Book 5)
Tempted (Book 6): Tajael’s Story
Kiss of an Angel (Book 7): A Christmas Story

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Legal Magick

Ever Strange (Book 1)
Mercy Strange (Book 2)
Verity Strange (Book 3)

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Broken Souls

My Dragon Lord (Book 1)
My Dragon Keeper (Book 2)
My Dragon Mate (Book 3)

My Dragon Bodyguard (Book 4)
My Dragon Lover (Book 5)
My Dragon Master (Book 6)
Akkan (Book 7)

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