Get Alisa's Books at the library

As we ride out this pandemic together, I know some of you are experiencing some economic hardship–and even if you’re still e-working, I know everyone’s concerned about the future!

So I wanted to make sure you know about LIBRARIES! 

They’re a great way to get your sheltering-in-place reads, and you can check them out straight to your kindle without leaving your couch! And for both ebooks and audiobooks!

It’s a great deal. Check out the details below!

Step 1: Get hooked up to your library.

Click here to find the closest library (note: you will need a library card but many libraries are allowing you to apply online now! And you can check out ebooks and audiobooks WITHOUT going physically go to the library).

Step 2: Get onto OverDrive.

OverDrive is a service that libraries subscribe to so their patrons can check out ebooks and audiobooks for FREE right from their ereaders.

  1. Check if your library has OVERDRIVE — sometimes the library will rename their ebook/audiobook checkout system. My library calls theirs “My Media Mall” but it’s still OverDrive.
  2. Search your library’s OverDrive system to see if they have my books!
  3. MAKE A REQUEST IF THEY DON’T – All my books are available on OverDrive, but your library may have to request them to be added to their specific catalog.

3. Check Out Ebooks & Audiobooks From Your Library’s OverDrive.

This article explains how to do it in depth, but there are two basic options:

  1. Read on your Kindle (direct download from Amazon).
  2. Read ebooks or listen to audiobooks on the OverDrive app on your iPhone or iPad or Android device.

Basically, you go to your library’s OverDrive catalog, check out an ebook or audiobook, and then tell it you want it delivered to your Kindle (which will route you through Amazon — very convenient!) or you want it delivered to your OverDrive app.

AND PRESTO! You have free books.

A Quick Thank You From Alisa

I know figuring out new ways of getting books can be tricky and somewhat intimidating — TRUST ME THIS IS WORTH IT. Not just for getting my books to new readers (THANK YOU for that) but because you’ll access a whole new way to get books. This is a HUGE way to make books available to readers at no cost while still supporting writers. It’s win all around!

Thanks for giving it a try!