His gaze stayed fixed on her as the skin and bones of his body morphed, rearranging in some magic Mia didn’t understand even when it was her own body. He was a shadow lengthening, a form growing smoother and taller, trading fur for muscle, muzzle for square jaw, paws for long-fingered hands until finally, he stood tall and naked in all his… glory. There was really no other word for it. His shoulders were broad. Muscles rippled down his arms, catching the moonlight, kissing it, and sending it bouncing back to the night. The planes of his chest and stomach were silver-glazed marble, and farther down… Mia’s face ran hot as she realized the under scent was arousal. His arousal. And his erection was as glorious as the rest of him, tall and firm, the moonlight bathing it with a shimmering glow.

She jerked her gaze back up to meet his.

He slowly stepped toward her, each footfall measured and cautious, like she was a skittish deer he might be frightening off. A fluttery panic rose up in her chest as he approached, making her want to run just like one—not because she feared him, but because he radiated such raw power. Even in his human form, he was stealing her breath, holding her paralyzed against the wall in awe. She couldn’t imagine what he could compel her to do in his wolf form.


Her inner wolf whimpered.

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