Many of my ebooks and audiobooks are available from the library! EVEN BETTER, you can check them out right from your ereader!

Your closest library

Click here to find the closest library (note: you will need a library card but after that you do NOT need to physically go to the library to check out ebooks and audiobooks).


OVERDRIVE is a service that libraries subscribe to so their patrons can check out ebooks and audiobooks for FREE right from their ereaders.

  1. CLICK HERE to see if your library has OVERDRIVE– sometimes the library will rename their ebook/audiobook checkout system. My library calls theirs “My Media Mall” but it’s still OVERDRIVE.
  2. Search your library’s OverDrive system to see if they have my books!
  3. MAKE A REQUEST IF THEY DON’T – All my books are available on OverDrive,but your library may have to request them to be added to their specific catalog.


How to Check Out eBooks From Your Library’s OverDrive

This article explains it in depth, but there are two basic options:

  1. Read on your Kindle (downloads direct from Amazon)
  2. Read on the OverDrive app on your iPhone or iPad or android device

Basically, you go to your library’s OverDrive catalog, check out an ebook or audiobook, and then tell it you want it delivered to your kindle (which will route you through Amazon — very convenient!) or you want it delivered to your Overdrive app. PRESTO! You have free books.

ALL MY BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE TO LIBRARIES IN ALL FORMATS… but there are over 9,000 public libraries in the US and they each choose individually which books they want to carry in their catalog. I’m already in hundreds of libraries across the globe (as far away as New Zealand), but by MAKING A REQUEST you are helping my books reach new readers!


  1. Check your library’s website to see if they already have my print books
  2. Make a request if they don’t! (Most libraries love when patrons make requests and make it easy with a form on their website)
  3. Borrow, borrow, borrow! (It actually helps me if people are requesting my books and borrowing them — librarians want to stock books by people their patrons want to read!)